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Review: Roku Ultra Intelligent Digital Broadcast Device with Digital Audio Assistant

Continuing our continuous coverage of digital broadcasters that add the benefits of smart TV and digital broadcasting over the Internet to TVs, we are testing today the Roku Ultra, Among the devices offered by Roku specialized in digital solutions.

Exterior design:

The Roku Ultra comes in a slim black box with many features, including HDMI, Ethernet back ports, USB ports and side microSD cards. The actual design of the device is focused on the Remote Controller, which comes in compact size and simple but very excellent design. The default mode is to use the navigation buttons and browse the user interface as well as side buttons that have been carefully selected to suit the thumb position by hand when holding the microphone and control the volume level. The horizontal mode is based on the vertical position and the horizontal. You use the steering buttons as well as buttons A and B and is specifically designed for gaming. Overall, the design is perfect and I deeply like it.

Operating System:

All Roku devices have a very user-friendly and user-friendly interface, designed to enable users to quickly browse the content they want to access. The interface is primarily based on the large icons and the content cover image, and you do not need more than the buttons and the navigation button to browse.

The user interface is divided into two main sections: a browse list of content channels, a content search function, and, of course, the properties of the system itself. The content channels list shows those channels that you have added to your device, which we will discuss later. You can rearrange them and select the quick access buttons to any of your favorite channels.

The search function has the ability to search for content through all the channels you have added and others that you have not added so that you can search for a movie name or a particular series and show the list of results all services that can watch this movie such as Netflix, Amazon Prime , Hulu and others, indicating whether you can view this content for free according to your subscription to a service, as well as the price of this content from other service providers.

The device has been configured to run in minutes, including the system definition of the content providers who have subscribed to their services, as well as the installation of the system control application from the mobile phone. The remote control also recognizes during the installation process on the user’s TV. The remote then controls the TV as well, so that you do not need more than pressing the power button on the Roku controller to turn on both TV and Roku at the same time and the same when controlling the volume Also; one of the wonderful touches in the system.

Voice Search:

All Roku devices are similar to the user interface, operating system and content, but Roku Ultra and Roku Streaming Stick only support search and audio. With Voice Assistant, you can control the device and search for content through voice commands. The remote control includes the microphone for the service. All you have to do is press the voice command button on the remote while talking to the desired command and the system will automatically search for the content you want or Shut down the system etc from the supported commands. In my experience with that property, the results were good but unstable, meaning that most of the time they work fluently and have no problem recognizing what I’m talking about, and sometimes the few fail to recognize what I’m saying even when I repeat it many times, I think the service needs some improvements with regard to its stability and reliability.


Here is the real point of excellence for the Roku system, which makes it very large for many competitors now. The difference here is that Roku does not classify itself as a service provider other than Amazon, Apple and even Google, which produce digital broadcasters over the Internet and run content stores at the same time.

To understand what I mean most, Roku is promoting its system that supports more than 500 thousand free content channels currently, including a number of channels that broadcast free Arabic digital content including movies, serials and documentaries, as well as support accounts for all the famous digital broadcasting services You may have an account like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling and many others, as well as many international entertainment channels such as CBS, Showtime and others.

What I mean here is that the device always tries to give you first the free options to get the content you want to watch, whether entertainment, news or other, followed by the provision of registered services that have a subscription and then other additional services, which ensures You will always have full freedom if you decide to abandon any paid service at any time.

Final Evaluation:

With a powerful remote control, a user interface, and tons of free content with support for all paid services, I find Roku the best currently among the systems I’ve ever tried to broadcast digital content online to your TV screen.

The Roku Ultra is priced at $ 100, supports 4K and comes with free JBL speakers connected to the remote if you want to listen without disturbing others with TV sound, but the prices of other Roku devices start at $ 30 and offer almost the same system with the exception of audio features and 4K support It makes me say that this device really deserves every cent you might spend to buy it.

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