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Review: Robovac 30C Home Cleaning Robot from Eufy; just talk to him about what you want to clean

Phone control, independent internet connection, and full compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant


Just over two years ago, specifically in September of 2016, Anker, a specialist in manufacturing mobile phone accessories and energy banks, surprised everyone by introducing a brand new brand name “Yufi-Eufy” that specializes in manufacturing smart home products that have since provided products Including automated house cleaning robots, intelligent surveillance cameras, and remote controlled smart lights.

Unlike many brands, Eufy has been keen to introduce its smart home products in the Arab region markets very early in conjunction with starting to reveal their products globally for the first time. Has this company known for its quality in the mobile accessories market been able to offer a similar experience in a completely different market, characterized by its sophistication and unfinished yet, the domestic intelligence products market? We answer this question through our review of Robovac 30C home cleaning robot.

Product design and structure: Traditional with lots of gloss

Household cleaning robots, which come to replace the usual vacuum cleaners, are not very different in terms of exterior design. The famous Rumba company has invented this traditional image of cleaning robots, which is small circular in size with large frames with a front frame that can rotate completely around its axis to allow the robot to move in all directions according to obstacles.

The Robovac 30C gives this traditional design plenty and lots of gloss. The top of the robot is made of strong, high-gloss plastic which makes the design look fresh and attractive. On the other hand, this glossy surface is not only appealing to the eyes, but also attractive to the fingerprints that stick to it instantly. The other characteristic is the thinnest robot with a thickness of only 7 centimeters, compared to at least 9 centimeters for Rumba competitors and others.

Routing and Control: All roads lead to where you want

Let’s go beyond the exterior design and go deeper into the actual characteristics of a home-cleaning robot, which has to be smart enough to qualify as a “robot.” In fact, Robovac 30C is likely to go far beyond this, and if it is the first time a home cleaning robot is used, you will probably be “dazzled”.

This “robot” is equipped with various means to control its direction to where you want to clean, and then “Automation” this process to let the receiver know what to do with the click of a button.

Android connects to your home Wi-Fi network and is controlled by your company’s smartphone application. Through the application, you can control the direction of the robot in different directions, you can also instruct him to start cleaning the rooms you want or stop cleaning and return to the charging base, you can also through the application to set a fixed daily timing or specify days a week to automatically start the robot cleaning In those days automatically according to your wishes.












But this is not the only way to control the Robovac 30C. The robot comes with a remote control – the same thing can be done from anywhere in your home. You also get custom routing strips that you paste around specific areas of your home to prevent the robot from cleaning it or preventing it from entering specific rooms in your home.

Do you have smartphones or other intelligent systems that support the Google Alexa or Google Assistant assistants? Robovac 30C does not overlook this point, it supports synchronization with the two systems and receive voice commands to start and stop cleaning through both systems.

After running it, the robot relies on a wide range of sensors that surround it from all sides, allowing it to avoid bumping obstacles in its way efficiently, and it is equipped with large tires with no problems in moving from smooth floors to carpets and vice versa.

A cleaning robot or conventional vacuum cleaner?

Household cleaning robots are still looking for a chance to replace the traditional vacuum cleaner market. If they do, they will immediately shift from a niche market to a new one that replaces one of the Household product categories that maintain continuous sales over decades of time.

I will go into this point in more detail, but I will start with my personal conviction, as follows: given the reach of household cleaning robots, especially those connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi such as the Robovac 30C, I will undoubtedly wait for robots to replace vacuum cleaners sometime soon. the future. But now these are the advantages and disadvantages that you get by choosing a cleaning robot like this for the traditional vacuum cleaner, and I will start with the disadvantages:

In fact, some household vacuum cleaners are still more capable than these robots in terms of suction capacity as well as in terms of your ability as a user to use them for cleaning corners, for example, or some places that are hard to reach.
You can get a vacuum cleaner that meets your needs at a price much lower than the price of a cleaner cleaning parallel in terms of estimated.
The features are numerous, and it makes sense with every modern product to replace a very old product, but I will just make the most of it:

Size: There is no room here for comparison, but the simplest thing is that you do not need a storage place for cleaning robot, which looks stylish too.
Time: Simply with a robot that allows automatic cleaning of specific times such as Robovac 30C, you completely give up the allocation of part of your time to clean the house, or the floor of the house at least.
Always ready home: when determining the function of static automatic protein cleaning.

Final Evaluation:

Eufy RoboVac 30C is available in the Arab region, specifically the UAE and Saudi Arabia, at a suggested retail price of approximately US $ 300. If you go to the Cleaning Robots category of a conventional vacuum cleaner, this robot actually offers one of the best value versus price for what you will get from the advantages and control of the Internet especially if you have a digital audio plugin that represents one of the few robots that Currently supported. Stay here until we point out that if you are moving to this robot from another cleaning robot, you may not be interested in the features of networking and control over the phone a lot, in that case you are likely to be moving to a robot from a higher category such as those robots that use water Detergents in the cleaning of hard floors.

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