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How to install Linux Dash on Ubuntu Server

Many codifiers know that Ubuntu Server is one of the best systems to manage servers. If you are a user of Ubuntu servers and want to monitor your server performance, Linux Dash is a good, easy to use tool that gives you detailed information about ” Random access “RAM, hard drive usage, software installation, users, and operating processes.

All information is organized into sections, you can jump to a specific section using the buttons in the main toolbar, and to install and run the tool all you have to do is follow these steps:

Install and decompress the php5-json package using the following command:
sudo apt-get install php5-json unzip
Enable apache2 (this will require restarting apache2 server) using the following command:
sudo service apache2 restart
Download and install the Linux Dash package using the following commands:
sudo mv linux-dash-master / / var / www / html / linux-dash-master /
Then change the File Permissions by using the following command:
sudo chmod 755 / var / www / html / linux-dash-master /
Now go to http: // serverip / liunx-dash-master and you will see all the information that the Linux Dash tool has monitored.
Linux Dash is not the best monitoring tool, but a very suitable tool for novice users who are looking for an effective, good and easy way to monitor and monitor the performance of their servers.

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